Chapter 5 The Manager

     “But sir, it’s a community service.”
     Lehnair sat silent behind his large, glossy black desk and let out a yawn.
     “As such a vast organization, certainly we could spare a few of our worker’s to help with the cause.”
     Lehnair glowered, “do you think I care about someone else’s problem? If it cuts into our factory profits by taking our worker’s time, then it’s competition. Not something we want to reinforcing.”
     “But sir, please…”
     “No. And I suggest you leave my office before I charitably donate your job to one of that project’s would-be benefactors.” Lehnair shooed the air with his upper-right hand and returned attention to the display on his desk.
     The purple-skin stared with a blank expression.
     “Fine,” Lehnair whispered, breaking the silence.
     “You’re… you’re going to let us donate our time then?”
     “Go ahead. You’re out. Out of your job. You’re to leave this complex immediately.” He didn’t bother looking up from his desk.
     Clenching all four fists until they were pale violet, the worker replied, “If that’s the way this company is going to treat those who want to help others, then I’m glad to be gone. I’ll collect my belongings and be on my way.”
     “I’m afraid you don’t understand,” Lehnair raised his head with an unmistakable grin. “You’re out. Everything you own, everything you’ve learned, and everything you’ve become over the last seventeen years are property of this company. You leave us, you leave everything. And you are leaving.”
     The worker’s clinched fingers unraveled, “Sir, I have a family? They live in company owned…”
     “You should have considered that before coming into my office and acting like a beggar,” his already huge grin widened. “You should be grateful that this planet we’re on has sunlight. And air.”
     A small tear escaped his eye as the worker left the Manager’s Office.
     Reaching with his lower left hand, Lehnair held his fingers over the loudspeaker activation pad, “Mr. Brogus and his family have decided to leave this company.” The controlling voice echoed throughout the facility. “If there are any other employees who desire to volunteer their time to community projects, they too will be welcome to leave and donate their full attention to them.” Lehnair pulled his hand back from the pad and then snapped it back in place with another thought to share, “Oh, and Mr. Unithall, see to the immediate cleaning of Mr. Brogus’ apartment, and post the announcement for a new opening.”

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