Chapter 3 Good Things

     In a terrible accident that occurred during early Solar Standard Time, the MEFIRST Corporation, or the MorgangEtter Factories for Intergalactic Research, Science, and Technologies, lost one of its facilities employing several hundred MorgangEtters in a large explosion. Intergalactic Marshals are still investigating the cause of the unfortunate mishap, although current findings point to a severe oversight on part of the factory’s now former manager who, along with numerous other MorgangEtters, were seriously injured in an explosive decompression in the main complex. The entire management group remains unconscious and are under close medical supervision. Doctors are doubtful any will have a full recovery.
     For those interested in volunteering to assist the families of the injured, please contact or visit…

     Lehnair raised his bottom-right arm and tapped his middle finger to his thumb, shutting down the audio stream in the apartment. His eye was bloodshot and darkened, but at least he wouldn’t be working on a factory floor ever again. Despite his purple skin, he had been promoted to replace the Factory Manager who, along with his entire supervisory crew of green-skins, happened to be holding a staff meeting in the room where the external wall blew out.
     “I guess he’ll never make Director,” Lehnair thought out with a chuckle. On his pad he scrolled down to the next screen of the New Manager Orientation Manual. “Perfect.” He had heard a worker mention it before. “MEFIRST corporate rule number four-hundred and seventy-four: all company employees and their families who witness, and perchance survive, a factory-related, catastrophic event are to be granted their choice of relocation.”
     Could this day have gotten any better?

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